I made this curry quite a while back now, in a wish to adapt a few more of Camilla Panjabi's recipes in a BIRish style. "Malaidar" seems to translate roughly as "creamy" -- so this would be "creamy potatoes", kind of like an Indian style gratin?

This is a weird tasting dish. I have to say, the potatoes that I used to make it were well past their best. Really I simply wanted to get rid of them. You can see the state of them from the pictures. This curry uses a shocking amount of ginger, and some spices that aren't seen that often in Indian cooking. Mace and mint, anyone?

I messed up this recipe in two main ways. Drastically overdid the pepper, as you can see in the picture. Honestly, don't know what I was thinking. And adding a ludicrous amount of green chilli. There's so much chilli that without mitigating it somehow, it's nearly inedible. Although the end result looks relatively OK, the flavour has an unconscionable bitterness.

I eventually discovered that this can be mitigated quite well with Patak's aubergine pickle, this pickle is incredibly useful for adding a sweetness to curry without losing the authenticity by adding sugar. At this point it becomes a pretty decent curry, although the chilli intensity is still detectable underneath.

Honestly, based on my attempt I can't recommend this rather strange dish, but it might be worth a second go if you happen to have some cream and potatoes going.