This is based on an adapted recipe from Julie Sahni. It's a traditional vegetarian korma that works on a basis that she seems to adopt throughout the book -- cooking vegetables in remarkably small amounts of liquid. I increased the amount of liquid provided, because it just seemed too little to even cook the vegetables, though if I'd been more daring I might have tried it. Is it possible to cook vegetables purely in a covered pan with little heat? I suppose that would be steaming, really. Anyway, you can imagine that these vegetables are partially steamed, in this sense at least. Really the korma-ish aspect is the blanched almonds, which should really be blended to a powdery paste. I didn't have the wherewithal to approach this for the time, so I just smashed them up with a strong chef's knife, using the patented grip of the chef's knife.

"That was good... Very good when eaten drunk. Probably also sober." -- Lisa T.

Tasting notes: Good, mild, doesn't taste alarmingly special or really have the character of the korma, though. I'm not quite sure what to eat this with. (Probably good to examine Sahni.) Rice seems to rob it of some character, and it's almost better with less salt to enhance the mild effect.