This is Sri Owen's ayam bakar (grilled chicken) which is rather different from many of the other Javanese style recipes that I have found online. This one requires roasting of the full chicken first, then a later grilling. It also includes the chicken breast where most recipes include the leg only, and omits the kecap manis.

Start off by roasting the whole chicken. The inside and outside is vigorously rubbed with a lemon, butter and salt mix.

After this you need to joint the whole chicken, which is not shown as it's rather gory. (You can email me and I'll send you the X-rated version.)

Creating a spicy marinade, marinating the jointed chicken and grilling at the top of the oven until blackened. The most notable thing about the marinade is that it uses terasi, shrimp paste, which you can get from Thai-focused oriental shops in the UK. This stuff is extremely pungent.

The jury's still out on the flavour of this one. Eat it with rice and cucumber slices, of course. I hope to update this post soon to give you a better idea, but there are a lot of different recipes for this widespread Indonesian dish. I think you're going to want some sambal anyway.