The Wilkie marinade mixed with some pre-made Glasgow sauce. The marinade recipe provided by Wilkie is nowhere near large enough to fully cover the volume of meat here, which is 1kg. As such it's more of a tikka-ish marinade with heavy onion flavouring.

Drain out the marinade as best we can after 1 day, but it clings to the meat. We do it for 90 minutes, which was probably slightly over, given the charred nature of the result. Turned the meat once. I think it could probably have done with about 1/2 that time, but I was only following the packet instructions for the joint, which called for (N*30)+30 mins at 180C. The smell of the cooking lamb tikka is absolutely mouthwatering, filling the entire house with a barely resistible scent.

Afterwards, I scraped out the remaining marinade, which was thick with lamb fat. I blended it into the remaining sauce, forming a tikka-ish curry base. I used this to make the Glasgow South Indian Lamb Tikka Masaladar (on which more soon). You can see the resulting dish here, which was also made with a naga chilli. The flavour is strong and gamey, and can easily flavour double the amount of rice. It goes well with some tarka dal on the side (made according to the Toombs recipe), which calms it down a bit.