This is fatty and garlicky, as you might expect from the name. Because I ran out of chilli powder, I was unable to make it to its correct degree of heat. I replaced chilli powder with Edwards' hot mix. The predominant flavour is really still given by the lamb tikka which is very strongly flavoured.

The flavour is rude, round and gamey, not very spicy but holding the characteristic long-lasting burn of the Naga. Garlicky, as you expect, and a touch sour, as if it's just on the turn, having somewhat "matured" in the fridge. The leg of lamb is tender and flavoursome, despite being frozen for several months.

Adding a large amount of garlic butter to this scarily unhealthy curry, and stirring it into a consistency.

Adding a big fat block of green chilli to the mix.

Using the pre-cooked lamb tikka, add these to the mix.

Add red masala paste and stir until it becomes homogenous.

The final result.