Made with homemade chicken stock + breast from a whole chicken carcass. This is unbelievably spicy, having been made with leftover sambal from the Char Kuay Teow. The spice hits the back of your throat instantly: it's only eased by a heavy dose of salt. The prawns lend a nice fishy tang. I had this with a big dose of overly-cooked Thai jasmine rice, as you can see: this makes it a full-on meal. The chicken pieces are cooked with the soup itself, and they turn out nice, although it's hard to keep exact control of how "done" they get. Still, the pure breast is a far cry from the authentic Indo warung experience, where they'd undoubtedly just hack up the carcass with a meat cleaver and chuck a random assortment of bones, gristle and meat into the pan. The flavour, though, is very convincingly Indo; it's based on a recipe from Sri Owen.

If you stopped smoking recently, or you have a cold, this one is going to really clear your sinuses out!