A bit of a different first part, as we fry the garlic and ginger paste without any activated base, we also include some fresh coriander and some previously frozen Green Chilli Paste, as was previously used for the balti.

Then we add the pre-cooked Glasgow chicken directly from frozen.

Adding red masala sauce, the Glasgow base, fresh tomatoes, and a big hunk of chilli powder.

The finished article served with Patak's green chilli paste. The result is delicious. Plenty salty enough without the addition of salt, somehow. The chilli powder was added a little bit late for me: I think it may be wise to add the chilli powder earlier to ensure it doesn't stay raw in the output. This is an interesting vindaloo because it has a much deeper flavour, it's not pure pain, the chilli is offset by the slight creaminess from the base and red masala. I'd say it's the nicest BIR vindaloo I've had. However, you'd better be prepared for some fairly severe effects on your digestion, that I leave as an exercise to the reader. It makes a good pairing with the previous Glasgow curries [Balti and Bombay Rogan Josh] described herein, because you can reuse the Red Masala and Green Chilli Paste.