To begin with, you make a batter from rice flour, then create a blended mix featuring candlenuts, coriander and garlic. You mix these two together.

Laboriously shell the peanuts, then stir them into the batter. You can form the batter into a biscuit-like shape.

Fry the rempeyek batter in a huge pan with very hot groundnut oil. It should start to crisp up. The priority here it to get it flat, which will be difficult due to the texture of the dough. As you can see, mine didn't turn out very flat.

Not shown: After the initial fry to crisp up the boundaries of the rempeyek, you deep fry them in batches for a couple of minutes. The texture should be golden, a few shown here ended up too dark.

The end result is a savoury, crispy, nutty snack, with a hint of fragrant coriander. It's actually very filling. For me, it needed a very liberal amount of salt added to be successful as a snack food. I'd add a larger amount of salt into the batter, because salt won't stick too well to the outside after it's been cooked. Also you should eat it ASAP as the texture becomes worse quickly. This snack is great in that it's extremely cheap (once you have the rice flour and candlenuts, which you may need to acquire from a specialist), and very filling. I can only eat these at lunch time, though, because they are hard to digest for me.