Bunjarra is the 'real' name for a spiced onion paste that's used as a prerequisite for the dopiaza. This heavily concentrated paste can also be plopped into other curries to give them that savoury tang. You'd use about a heaping dessert-spoon at a time; this'll give you about 4 portions worth. The recipe itself uses 6 onions.

The ingredients for the bunjarra. Note that we deep fry the onions in a healthy amount of oil, until they begin to turn brown at the edges.

Frying up the deep-fried onions with the spices, notably a tandoori masala mix that's also given by LJ and depicted earlier. Making this tandoori masala is itself rather an undertaking. I might consider buying it in the future. Rajah sell pre-made mixes that could be convenient.

After blending with a hand blender we have this final product. It packs a lot of flavour into a small space.