This was done by me and M using the previously made balti masala, mushrooms, spinach, and Quorn mince. The flavour is sour, like the other Toombs balti, and also extremely spicy. It strongly benefits from Patak's aubergine paste which lends a sweetish flavour to it. I'd also point out that this used a bit of cream. This involves making a spinach sauce blended with coriander and chillies. The rest is mostly a standard curry with the Toombs base, except I believe that this one was in fact made with the Edwards base. The original recipe only specified onions. I'd say that this isn't really much of a balti in the form that it ended up in: I didn't serve it in a balti dish, and it actually ends up very saucy, far from the dryish stir fry definition of a balti. But it certainly is quick to cook, barely having any ingredients that require cooking.