This is Alex Wilkie's Glasgow Rogan Josh. It has a distinctive flavour that is given by the addition of lightly-sauteed onion, in addition to the heavily fried onions that are used in the base. This, along with the coriander, gives it a zingy fresh flavour. This is given the Glasgow touch with the addition of a liberal amount of garlic butter -- the Arabic روغن, 'rogan', referring to ghee -- and a touch of cream. This one was done with chicken, although lamb is recommended for a traditional rogan josh.

As you can see the appearance is nearly identical to the previous Glasgow balti, but the flavour is very different, being less spicy, the citrussy sourness being tempered by the cream and butter. Fresh tomatoes, characteristic of the rogan josh, were also used. It's also more "saucy" and certainly more fatty than the balti, as you can see here.