This one was the first example of the Glasgow style that I tried. I wanted to compare it to a previous "vanilla" BIR style -- that of the Dhillon balti, previously mentioned here. Certainly they were very different, in look and taste, but how much of that is the truth of their distinctive curry-forms, and how much of it is a mere coincidence, I can not tell. This was extremely good: it's very spicy and pungent, due to the coriander and fresh onions. I deviated from Wilkie's recipe by not blending the base sauce beforehand, out of sheer forgetfulness. The Glasgow base doesn't differ from a standard BIR base very much. The only notable difference is the sheer volume of sauce created (the recipe uses 4kg of onions!), and the addition of coconut cream. Many of the recipes use Patak's mixed pickle. I likely would have toned this down a tad, because it tends to dominate the flavour.