This was made with Quorn fillets, plus Dan Toombs' "balti masala", which is a spice mix with some rather funky ingredients, notably onion seeds, citric acid and dried mint leaf. I didn't actually use these three as I didn't have them handy. It's notable that to actually use this balti masala, you're supposed to mix it with vinegar. The Toombs balti is very sour, involving 3tbsp of cider vinegar and 1 lime. Myself and M found it too sour overall, but it was nicely complimented by an aubergine pickle. I adapted it with the green pepper from Dhillon, which is deep-fried in large pieces until scorched.

M cooked Felicity Cloake's naan recipe. Homemade naan recipes have a lot of variation, all being essentially attempts to find a workable substitute for a tandoor. I attempted one a while back that failed spectacularly. This one went slightly better, because M is much better at working with dough than I am. The dough that Cloake recommends is wet and sticky and very difficult to handle. We also left it to rise, but it didn't rise very much. The result is double-dry-fried much like I regularly do when making corn tortillas. The mix is so sticky that you have to be very careful when moving it between pans. The end result is nothing like a restaurant naan, being half the size, but the flavour and texture are great.