I had these compiled bottles of spice mixture lying around my kitchen, probably for literally years, left by some housemate. I had no use for them, I don't normally use stuff like this. One day they annoyed me so much I decided to try and use them. So I adapted some marinade recipes for boned chicken: piri-piri marinade for chicken thighs, and five spice marinade for chicken drumsticks. Marinated them for one day and then attempted several ways of cooking them. I have a combination oven and grill. The five spice drumsticks were done in the oven and mostly worked out nicely. They go well with the new potatoes and salad, as shown in the pic. The piri piri marinade didn't go so well. I forgot to pierce the chicken before, so the marinade was barely detectable. [I suppose the spice was probably already extremely weak, having languished for years in my kitchen.] But worse, I couldn't find any way to cook it through. I think my oven is generally not very powerful, because everything that I cook in it seems to end up underdone. The piri piri thighs, I grilled for a long time and yet they just didn't cook, I was highly squicked as I gingerly poked the rubbery grey flesh. I eventually got some advice from my sister, and pre-baked them for 30 minutes and finished them for 20 minutes on the grill. Even then they were far from crisp, although quite edible with chips. So I wouldn't call these a success (the final piri piri chicken aren't shown here).